Healthy Decisions for the Love of Health

The HealthSmart Health Coach\ Mentor is a warm, caring and supportive companion and coach, who is trained to walk the journey to positive health with their clients. A HealthSmart Health Coach\ Mentor supports:

  • those seeking to promote positive health through proper diet and exercise

  • those who choose to use natural, non-invasive methods of healing

  • those who want a personalized plan that meets and evolves with their unique needs

  • those who wish to use a combination of traditional medicine, but who realize that most doctors do not have nutritional training, thus only treat the symptoms

  • those who want to get fit, lose weight, reduce stress and manage their health risks

What does Metabolic Bio Typing do? 

  • It establishes a baseline from which the HealthSmart Health Coach/Mentor can start. 

  • It shows where the clients biochemical strengths and weaknesses are.

  • It tells the HealthSmart Health Coach/Mentor which foods to recommend along with the proper choices for vitamins, minerals and herbs.

  • It gives an insight into present and future health problems that the client is presently encountering or will encounter unless something is changed.

  • It provides an individualized health improvement plan based on the clients screening results and their specific goals

Is this program effective?

  • Yes - extremely.  One of the reasons is that all HealthSmart Health Coach/Mentors must have gone through the program themselves.  We believe this is the best way of learning.  

  • It produces amazing results for people who are willing to make some safe, simple lifestyle changes. Physicians and other health professionals frequently express surprise when they see how clients have benefited so much in such a short time.  Blood cholesterol is lower, blood pressure nomalilized, blood sugars balanced, excess fat gone, clients feel energized, reverses and normalizes diabetes, Decreases the risk of osteoporosis, improves digestion, lowers weight, enhances the overall quality of life...

The more clients understand clearly the cause/effect relationship between diet & exercise and disease, they become increasingly motivated to make changes. HealthSmart Health Coach/Mentors inform, motivate and then support the needed changes.

 Personal Qualities and Abilities

  • A warm, caring nature

  • Ability to be compassionate without becoming over-involved with clients

  • Wisdom, confidence and self-awareness

  • Understanding of client needs and ability to present them with appropriate choices

  • Ability to stay emotionally present with clients during intense and difficult times

What will you receive from the Mentor Training?

  • The huge satisfaction of guiding, supporting and encouraging people on a profound healing journey

  • Top quality professional training in the rapidly expanding field of integrated healthcare

  • A qualification based on sound research and up-to-the-minute information

  • Confidence in accessing first class resources and support from the Mentor Manager and Course Tutor

  • A unique opportunity for self-development and personal growth

  • The potential to earn $25-$75 per hour from home when qualified

If you'd like to guide, support and encourage people on their healing journey why not
 become a mentor. 

Applicants will be successful on the basis of being self-starters, with the ability to reach out and engage others in a unique, top quality holistic programme offering hope, healing and high energy health to many people.

For Course description see the side bar on the right.

Course Cost
$700.00 plus applicable taxes, payable in 2 instalments

(50% non-refundable deposit prior to the commencement of the course, and 50% payable before completion of exam)

Candidates will complete an application form, from which they will be assessed for suitability following a face-to-face or telephone interview.

For an application form please contact:placeholder image
or telephone: 1-204-792-2824

2Typically, our health coach assists individuals who have not been getting results from conventional medicine, or those who choose to use natural, non-invasive methods of healing. The Health Coach will use a nutritional and cleansing approach to assist clients pro-actively in avoiding illness.placeholder image



We also assist a lot of people who wish to use a combination of traditional medicine, but who realize that most doctors do not have nutritional training, thus only treat the symptoms, instead of the root of the problem. For example, a client with high cholesterol may be put on prescriptions to lower cholesterol. The doctor may suggest a change in diet but there may be no monitoring of compliance, and perhaps no further testing was prescribed to find out whether the clients liver was functioning properly, or gallbladder had stones in it, or whether the client's bile ducts were plugged.  This scenario is quite common.  There are natural things that can be done to lower cholesterol, and depending on what is revealed by the Metabolic Bio Typing a specific diet can be set up and monitored.  The client may be able to go off all cholesterol lowering drugs sooner than was anticipated.

Metabolic Bio Typing provides a diagnostic tool used to analyze the clients and discover their metabolic type. Once you know what  metabolic type your client is only then will you be able to give instruction to your clients about  following a diet that corrects biochemical imbalances. The results will be maintained for a lifetime without an effort. The long process of trial and error will be eliminated. A fine tuning process for achieving ultimate benefits will be taught to you. 

Everybody talks how different we are but still many people including doctors believe that the biochemical and physiological processes happen in one and the same way in the number of  billions of people on the planet . The majority of people still think that every food has a fixed pH. The foods are classified as acid, neutral and alkaline. People are waiting for the latest book and diet to follow. Then a few months after they make their great discovery  they discover that it does not work. Something new is then discovered and the process starts again until they get disappointed again. Finally some of the people will get desperate and give up on diets completely.

Metabolic Bio Typing (MBT) automatically takes away the confusion and unnecessary arguments between different schools of nutrition. The wisdom lies in understanding of the metabolic type and matching it with an eating plan as a rock solid foundation for a permanent healing and balance. 

What are the necessary Qualifications to become a HealthSmart Health Coach\ Mentor ?

Essential Skills and Experience

  • Excellent communication skills and basic counselling skills training
  • Understanding and experience of the holistic approach to health and illness
  • Computer literacy with access to a computer and the internet
  • Good organisational and administrative ability
  • Previous experience of your own counselling and self development

Metabolic Bio Typing can be studied by anyone. The important thing is that the student should have a good knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, biophysics, diseases, etc. This is important in order to discern between the general and metabolic typing diets. The person interested in becoming a HealthSmart Health Coach\ Mentor should have an interest in nutrition and an intention to practice the metabolic bio typing diets later. If the person is already a holistic health practitioner it will be a great asset to his practice. 

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Metabolic Bio Typing Course Listing

Session 1Basic Health Improvement
Road towards Disease
Road towards Health
Intestinal Sanitation
Fasting & Cleansing
Allergy Testing
General Diet Rules

Session 2 Food Groups and Diets
-Food Groups
Health Diets
High Quality Diets
Raw Food Diet
Hypoglycemia Diet
Water & Juices

Session 3 Health Foods & Nutrients
-Special Health Foods
Amino Acids

Session 4 Problem Foods & Food Problems
Cow's Milk Products & Lactose
Wheat & Gluten
Sweet Food
Meat & Fat
Chemicals & Other Food Problems

Session 5
Metabolism & Metabolic Bio Types
Metabolic Pathways
Diets for Metabolic Bio Types

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