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Lowering Cholesterol Naturally Does Indeed Work

Learn The Facts About Lowering Cholesterol Naturally

Lowering cholesterol naturally is the only safe and effective way to achieve healthy cholesterol levels. Drugs are not the answer.

Primarily there are two ways of lowering cholesterol naturally that have been proven to be the safest and the most effective way to lower cholesterol levels. When used in combination the results are astounding.

One is to follow a correct diet to lower cholesterol that contains relevant low cholesterol recipe information using cholesterol lowering food.

The second way it to supplement with a natural supplement that includes genuine Policosanol which is an extract from sugar cane, (does not increase blood sugar levels) plus guggulipid which is a natural herb from India.

The combination of using both of the above mentioned methods of lowering cholesterol naturally is terrific.

But you have to follow these recommendations of lowering cholesterol naturally on a consistent basis. All you have to do is make up your mind that you want to lower cholesterol and live longer, and then do it.

Also of greatest importance was the fact that these methods were found to be instrumental in lowering the cholesterol content of the blood and in reducing the amount of harmful blood fats.

There was a corresponding decrease in the number of colds and infections that patients usually had. They also reported less constipation, nervousness, fatigue, and the like.

Here are some steps, in addition to the two methods mentioned above, you can take when lowering cholesterol naturally:

  1. When lowering cholesterol naturally include daily as a food supplement at breakfast two to four tablespoonfuls of oil-free Lecithin granules.
  2. For slow oxidizers or Sympathetic Dominant add to your diet each day B Complex vitamins in the most potent form. When lowering cholesterol naturally avoid the cheaper preparations which provide only small and ineffectual quantities of the vitamins, and have little or no effect on the body.   New Roots Ultra B's are a good choice.
  3. Also add to your daily diet at least 2000- 3000 mgs. of vitamin C.
  4. Take one to two tablespoonfuls of hemp oil daily to provide the essential fatty acids necessary to proper nutrition. When lowering cholesterol naturally the oil may be used as a salad dressing, taken with tomato or fruit juice, or in any way you prefer.
  5. Include in your diet two to four tablespoonfuls of whole wheat germ each day. This may be eaten as a breakfast cereal with fruit, or sprinkled in your salad.


Using Lecithin when lowering cholesterol naturally.

Lecithin has been shown to have the power of removing atherosclerosis from the arteries.

It is believed that in atherosclerosis, as the fats and cholesterol are removed from the artery walls and flood the bloodstream, the atherosclerotic plaques are dissolved and removed by the Lecithin.

The excess cholesterol and fats are converted by the liver into the bile and then excreted from the body. Other research workers have also recently shown that when lowering cholesterol naturally soy bean Lecithin is able to prevent blood clotting in the arteries.

It has also been found that Lecithin apparently has the ability to increase the cholesterol esterases in the human blood stream when lowering cholesterol naturally. These esterases are enzymes, or activators, that aid in the metabolizing of fats.

Years ago, it was discovered that these cholesterol esterases are deficient in patients with active atherosclerosis.

Lecithin has other remarkable therapeutic qualities as well. One that we are just beginning to explore is its ability to increase the gamma globulin content of the blood proteins.

These gamma globulins are known to be associated with nature's protective force against the attacks of various infections in the body.

In the blood stream of patients who used Lecithin as recommended when lowering cholesterol naturally, evidence of increased immunity against virus infections was found. This is of special interest, since scientists have reported finding this Lecithin-induced immunity against pneumonia.

Other studies conducted by various American medical scientists have indicated that Lecithin is also beneficial in the treatment and prevention of a variety of disease, including rheumatic carditis, diseases of the liver, anemia, kidney disorders, and metabolic disturbances of the skin, such as psoriasis.

Patients who successfully followed the oil-free, soybean Lecithin program when lowering cholesterol naturally continually volunteered the information that they felt a sense of well-being.

They said they had more vitality, did not grow tired so quickly as they had formerly, and were in better general health than before. These subjective responses are always to be viewed in the light of "suggestion" or the inspirational quality that patients receive from treatment itself.

After careful analysis and evaluation of results, Lecithin is of one of our most powerful weapons against disease. It is an especially valuable bulwark against development of "hardening of the arteries" and all the complications of heart, brain, and kidney that follow.

In some instances, the cosmetic effect of Lecithin when lowering cholesterol naturally did as much for the patients' mental outlook as it did for their physical well-being.

As is the case in all foods, vitamins, or nutritional supplements, there are occasional persons who find that Lecithin does not agree with them when lowering cholesterol naturally. But in such a case, a substitute can be used.

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