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An Alternate Prostate Cancer Treatment that Works

Don Hemingway  was diagnosed with prostate cancer last summer and made an independent decision to forgo surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Instead, he immediately began receiving intravenous vitamin C (IVC) therapy.

This note writen by him gives an invaluable insider's perspective on IVC cancer therapy, as well as practical advice for men who are experiencing prostate problems.

Sufficient reason

Mr. Hemingway is a veterinarian who describes himself as having a good understanding of many orthomolecular and allopathic medical treatments. Here's how he begins his story:

"My Father and his two brothers had prostate problems but because I lived a few thousand miles from them, I do not know many details. Surgery and drugs were used but I do not know which ones. For this reason I have tried to eat well and take supplements but it wasn't totally preventative. We will never know, but maybe what I was doing delayed the onset by 10 years.

"A routine test in March 2005 showed a serum PSA level of 14.5 ng/ml. Repeat tests in September 2005, (PSA 17.9) and November (22.5) which is about a 1 unit rise per month indicated that I had a serious problem. I refused a biopsy because if the problem was an infection or cancer there is a high probability that the biopsy would spread the disease. The rising PSA and a positive digital rectal exam was sufficient reason for me to treat my problem as Cancer."

PSA roller coaster

"I had known for many years that zinc was essential for a healthy prostate but the various products that I had taken over a 20 year period were not successful in getting my tissue levels to a 'normal' level. Test results in May 2005 showed that my zinc levels were low. I started searching for a better absorbed zinc product. In September, I started taking an expensive zinc supplement and tests in January 2006 indicated that my tissue levels were the highest it had been in 20 years, better but still could be higher.

"I started Intravenous vitamin C (IVC) in July 2005 at 25 gm doses and increased to 50 gm twice weekly but when the PSA tests in September were still increasing, I started searching for more information. I made an appointment to see the Doctors at The Olive W. Garvey Center in Wichita, Kansas ( during November. Comprehensive testing at 'The Center' indicated that I should be taking 100 gm of IVC at least weekly. Since I could not be an outpatient, they gave me directions that I could give to a Doctor that was willing to give me the IVC. The PSA test in November at The Center was 22.5 ng/ml of serum.

"I have continued to take 100 gm IVC every 5 or 6 days since November and the PSA tests have been as follows: January 20.32, March 16.36, and May 13.6. The discomfort in the area of the prostate gland has disappeared and the declining PSA test tells me that I am on the right track.

"I have not had any side effects. The side benefits are that I have been able to continue with my regular duties, as well as play hockey and swim with my family and grand-children."

Immune system support

"The principles of IVC treatments are that at high doses the vitamin C is toxic to most cancer cells and is non-toxic to normal cells. Vitamin C supports tissue repair whereas radiation damages tissues. Vitamin C supports the immune system whereas most chemotherapy depresses the immune system and people become more susceptible to other infections. Vitamin C helps the body to detoxify 'foreign' chemicals which includes the breakdown products of dead cancer cells. Most people can continue with their normal routine on the days between IVC treatments which is certainly a plus.

"In my search for information on Prostate Cancer, I have found that many cancers are caused by toxins produced by fungus (Costantini, AV). Dr. Costantini has published information that states that the chemical identified as Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) is actually a serine protease with a molecular weight of 33-kDa. Several researchers have identified this chemical as being produced by various species of fungus. The chemical identified in the PSA test has also been found in breast, pancreatic and colon cancers. It is not specific for Prostate Cancer. A treatment with an antifungal drug can be given previous to the IVC treatment or in conjunction with the IVC treatment."

Don Hemingway is a perfect example of just how effective health care can be when you research diligently and stand your ground. His experience also demonstrates how important it is for men and their doctors to avoid drawing conclusions from a single PSA test. 

At the end of his e-mail, Mr. Hemingway included his address with this note: "I think if people are willing to take the time to write they are genuinely interested in information."

So if you'd like more information...

Don C. Hemingway
Box 1126, Souris, MB. Canada, R0K 2C0

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