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Easy to use, effective, and convenient. That's how we describe our latest innovation in air purification, Fresh Air by EcoQuest. Our new IntelliAir™ technology shows you exactly what the current settings are for the fan and purification and tells you when to perform routine maintenance or service. Fresh Air by EcoQuest also incorporates new photocatalytic technology to “supercharge” our proven process for faster, more effective performance. And finally, the included remote control lets you make adjustments from almost anywhere in the room.

• Eliminates smoke, odors, and tobacco smoke.
• UVC light helps kill airborne germs as they pass through the unit.
• Removes odors from your home, office, car, boat, RV, etc.
• Improves the quality of air indoors
• Helps control additional dust and dander when an optional EcoHelp filter is properly installed.  The additional cost is $85.00.
• Customizable to your environment using either the included remote or the controls on the front of the unit.
• IntelliAir™ Technology alerts you when normal maintenance needs to be performed or service is required.

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There’s nothing quite like walking outside and taking a deep breath of fresh, clean air after a thunderstorm. Wouldn’t you like to be able to step back inside and enjoy that same fresh air all the time?
We would like to introduce you to Fresh Air by EcoQuest. By duplicating the same processes nature uses to clean the air outside, Fresh Air by EcoQuest keeps indoor air fresh and clean-smelling day and night. Collectively known as SynAirG™, these processes work together synergistically to eliminate smoke and odors.

Fresh Air by EcoQuest features:
• Five Speed Fan
• LCD Display
• IntelliAir™ Maintenance Reminders & Service Alerts
• Remote Control or Manual Operation
• Carbon-impregnated lint screen standard
• Optional EcoHelp HEPA-type filtration
• Washable Photocatalytic Process Screen
• Replaceable UV Lamp
• Dimensions: 12” high x 9” wide x 12” deep
• Weight: 16 pounds

Fresh Air ImageFilters

Your new Fresh Air by EcoQuest comes with a standard carbon impregnated lint screen to keep lint and large dust particles from passing through the unit. The carbon lint screen also aids in the reduction of odors
To allow for removing greater amounts of dust and allergens, your Fresh Air has been designed to accommodate an optional EcoHelp filter.ITEM NUMBERS"
Fresh Air by EcoQuest: Walnut over Graphite • CA40135bGRW  Cost $895.98

Fresh Air Remote: #CA70055

• 110 volt 60 hz
• 90 watts power consumption
• 24 to 30 KV, 20-30 Khz ion generation pulsator
• Fixed 6 KV DC needle ion generator

• 400 CFM fan

• Dimensions: 12” high x 9” wide x 12” deep
• Weight: 16 pounds

• Covers a range of 250 square feet to 3000 square feet*
* Depends on variables such as severity and frequency of pollution, humidity and temperature

Cost $895.98 + applicable taxes