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SoyaPower Soy Milk Maker   soyapower.jpg (215331 bytes)

  1. Microprocessor-controlled cooking; no "bean" taste!
  2. Easy to use - add water and soybeans; press one button!
  3. Fully automatic plus manual settings for max flexibility.
  4. Stainless steel construction - lasting quality!
  5. Seamless stainless steel filter - made to last!
  6. Six-glass, 1.5-liter (50 oz) capacity - feed the whole family!   
  7. Makes rice milk, almond milk and milks with other nuts/seeds!  
  8. Free color recipe book
    Free cleaning kit, free dripping  pan
  9. Note: When sweetening soy milk with less refined sweeteners such as malt extract of honey, add the sweetener to cooled soy milk, no HOT soy milk, otherwise the soy milk will coagulate! Homemade soy milk is very susceptible to coagulation caused by certain minerals and pH. The risk for coagulation is increased if the milk is hot. This is especially true when using honey, malt or other less refined sweeteners, so always add these to the soy milk when the milk has cooled to room temperature or is no warmer than body temperature.

Regular Cost  $239.86  MBT customers pay only $215.87

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